Ningsu Laundry

Cleaned, ironed and smell Fresh.

Ningsu Laundry Service

Within the Indoscooterhire office, we run a laundry.

This service has proved popular with our customers, especially during the rainy season when drying clothes is difficult.

We provide a professional service, where you can be assured that your clothes will be washed in clean water(filtered) = NO STAINS.

We use an eco-friendly laundry detergent to help minimise the effect on the environment.

A great deal of care is taken to look after your valuable items. If any items are lost we will refund you in rupiah, the equilivant cost of the item.

Only your washing is placed in the machine and we do not bundle it in with other peoples laundry.

Choose from hot or cold water options, air/sunĀ  or tumble dried. There are two different fragrances that we use to have your laundry smelling fresh.

We offer express same day cleaning(within 4-12 hours) and a regular service (1, 2 or 3 days). Leave your dirty clothes with us and when you return from exploring, they will be cleaned, ironed and smelling fresh, ready for your next adventure.

All of our scooter hire customers recieve a 10% discount.

Pick-up and drop off to your hotel is available free of charge in the Prawirotamen area, for laundry and scooter hire.

Contact us now and we will come and collect it straight away.

Ningsu Laundry is open from 7.00am until 7.00pm 7 days per week.

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